Current Seva Projects

Yogamour Global's ongoing projects in India, Thailand and Myanmar help to support more than 300 children and their families. Help us keep these projects going by becoming a donor or joining an upcoming volunteer yoga retreat. 

Yogamour Global Clean Drinking Water

Clean Drinking Water

We've partnered with Berkey Water Filters to help provide portable and large water filtration systems in the communities we work with. 

Clean, drinkable water can make all the difference when it comes to keeping communities hydrated, fed and healthy. A big thank you goes toward 

Yogamour Global Community Health Clinics

Community Health Clinics 

We host community dental, vision and general clinics. While we rely on on-the-ground support from our volunteer doctors, nurses and helpers, monetary donations are also always in need for  us to keep these opportunities available and increase offerings. 

We also are currently seek funding to go toward creating our very first Yogamour Seva Community Center for the Akha hill tribe we work with in Mae Taeng, Thailand. This center will double as a healthcare facility for our volunteer doctors. We are working closely with this community to make sure the facility can offer the educational and family development tools they need, including free English courses, pre-natal health care classes, cultural preservation workshops, legal clinics for establishing citizenship, clean drinking water and more. 


Emergency Relief Fund 

We are making an ongoing effort to secure and maintain a minimum of $2,000 USD for an Emergency Relief Fund to help cover urgent care costs when a family in one of our communities is in dire need.

For the same cost as a medical co-pay in the U.S., a child in rural Thailand or India can receive much needed care. Truly every dollar counts and can go a long way in making sure the children in our communities stay safe and healthy.