Seva Backpacks

It is our goal to provide every child in the communities we support with proper hygiene supplies for one whole year. This includes uniforms, underwear, socks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, all items for bathing, water purifiers and much more all packed into a durable backpack that can be used for school.

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How it all began

Several years ago one of the students at the school Yogamour Global supports in the slums of Jaipur, India fell off the roof of his house and sustained a major gash and a concussion. His family had no money or access to the basic health supplies necessary to deal with his wound and resorted to using unsanitary water to rinse the wound out then disguised it with a winter hat. They were desperate to keep him in school but struggling to do so while caring for him properly.

We witnessed this struggle and purchased the basic supplies to take care of his injury which sparked an idea: our Seva Backpack Project. A uniform, clean water, and even a new tooth brush or bandages can be huge things that stand in the way of these children's health and education.

How you can help

Every person deserves accurate information on maintaining their health and the basic supplies that are required to keep them clean, healthy and attending school. With your help, we can provide comprehensive Seva Backpacks for more than 300 children!

  • $152 covers the cost of an entire backpack with supplies for one full year
  • $40 can cover the costs of two new sets of uniforms for a student
  • $15 can cover the cost of a new pair of shoes
  • $4 can cover the costs of oral hygiene necessities
  • ...but every dollar helps!

Seva Backpacks include:

  • backpack
  • 2 sets of uniforms
  • 3 pairs of underwear
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • 1 pair of shoes
  • basic first aid kits
  • oral hygiene kits
  • 3 packs of bar soap/shampoo
  • Lunapads for teenage girls
  • hairbrush
  • nail brush
  • nail clippers
  • quick dry towel
  • filtered water bottle
  • illustrated personal hygiene 'how-to' book tailored to gender and culture 

Generous sponsors:

Our Seva Backpacks will become a reality thanks to your generous monetary support and these sponsors who are contributing with both monetary and in kind donations:

  • Lush
  • prAna
  • Lunapads
  • Berkey Filters


Is your company interested in supporting the Seva Backpack Project or donating product? We'd love to talk to you!