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Yogamour Global works to support underprivileged populations in India, Thailand and Myanmar through community empowerment initiatives. 

Just $30 can provide eye care for one child in Thailand for one year. $100 can supply a child in India with a year's worth of personal health and hygiene supplies. 

That said, not everything is so affordable. Our day-long health care clinics cost nearly $1,000 to run each time. 

Every little bit helps and we can't do it without you.

Where your money goes

Throughout the year, with our volunteer doctors, nurses, translators and helpers, Yogamour Global runs various health clinics in our communities. We also try to help community members in medical need when they cannot help themselves.

Just the basic cost for all our clinics in Thailand - including three 3-day clinics, monthly day clinics and health talks with a doctor - is over $15,000 per year

There are also always unforeseen extra costs or emergencies. For example:

  • During a recent clinic, we had to find an extra $175 for a new stethoscope.

  • In 2017, two Burmese kids had influenza. Hospitals in Thailand wouldn’t treat them without insurance as they’re not Thai citizens. Yogamour Global gave $400 for their treatment.

  • One father had degenerative eye disease and could not pay for care. Yogamour Global paid $1,700 for two surgeries to save his eyesight.

  • Another member of the community was cut with a dirty knife. As he wasn’t a Thai national and couldn’t go to hospital, the wound worsened. It took a year of treatments and around $2,000 to save his arm from being amputated.

We are enormously grateful for any donations. However big or small – they will all benefit someone!